The “” is a Live 2 Way Streaming Video Network of Fifteen InterActive Websites. is a site which enables users to video communicate Live with anyone, anywhere in the world. It’s unique features and collaboration tools are the prize of internet Hi Tech inventions. Click Here.
“Live Video Connector” – works in conjunction with LiveNetVideo or you can use our web based Live Video Connector. It enables website visitors (buyers) to be instantly connected to advertisers (sellers) with a click on our icon which can be placed on your website or website ads. Seeing and Talking Live changes the way Net Sales and Advertising is conducted! Click Here. – This is the largest Deep Web Search Engine on the Net with Billions of Documents and Indexed Pages. ReleSEEK provides more relevant search results than the major search engines. ReleRank is a new search algorithm that expands search technology. Scan Shots is a method to “See” results without entering the “result pages.” ReleClusters gives searchers a choice of result categories in order to narrow searching and produce more relevant results. Click Here. – This is without a doubt the most comprehensive source of local information on the net. The features are so many that a visit is necessary to see it all. One of the Special Features is the Listing of almost all Businesses in the US and Canada with Businesses being able to Connect Live with Buyers in 2 Way Streaming Video Communication and Display their Products Live in our Video Displayer. This will change Internet Sales! Click Here. – NetVision takes Video Internet software to the next level. It’s a Netcasting software able to Netcast TV, Radio or any Live Program. Anyone can use it and be Netcasting to Millions of simultaneous viewers. The software includes a Video Production Studio, TelePrompter, etc., Click Here. - It's an internet sales market for all goods and services, which uses three sales methods - Auction, Insta Sales Price and Haggling. It's Free to Use YaHaggle. Sellers can list all their products and items at No Cost. There's also No Buyer Costs. Buyers are instantly connected to Sellers in Live 2 Way InterActive Streaming Video. Products are displayed LIve using our Video Displayer. So who are you going to visit when you need to Sell or Buy something? Click Here. - It's the only Live 2 Way Streaming Video Dating website. This unique site solves the Big Problem in Internet Dating - Being able to See & Talk Live with prospective dates. Click Here. - NetVision brings Present or Past Military Members in Live 2 Way InterActive Video Connection with their Family & Friends. Almost all the Bases & Ships are listed, so connect now for some memorable moments! Click Here. - This site connects Past or Present Students by Live 2 Way Streaming Video, so they can See & Talk Live. Our School Directory lists almost all the schools in the U.S. (K-12/private, academies, colleges and universities). It's a great communicational tool which will become the NEW thing and will make email obsolete AND No more thumbing! Seeing & Talking Live is here now! Click Here. - There are Millions of Text Bloggers, some with audio, but we’re the only one with Live InterActive 2 Way Streaming Video. It’s in Beta. Click Here. - Millions of viewers are now able to See New Bands and other Entertainers perform Live on the Net. This is the place where Stars are Born! We supply the Recording Studio software Free. A Webcam and Microphone will get anyone started. It's so cool AND a lot more Fun than watching pre-recorded videos! Click Here. - Now, you not only receive your local area weather forecast, you See the Weather forming all around the world, as it happens in "Live" Satellite movement. This is the most comprehensive weather related site on the net! Click Here. - This website and the Business Sales Features were so successful that we've now integrated all the software features into our entire portfolio of video softwares. and our sites are a must for any business - large or small. Live InterActive 2 Way Streaming Video with our Live Video Displayer is changing Net Sales. Click Here. - Today, 50% of the entire net's information is about ecommerce. Most of the Net's websites are about sales information. 30% of all usage is in searching for product and service information.
InterAct Search gives website sales a new tool - Searchers can be connected Live with Publishers/Advertisers. Advertisers can display and demonstrate products live using our Live InterActive 2 Way Streaming Video. Click Here. - This RSS software can handle any bulk transferring. It’s in Beta, but ready to go. Click Here.